• Safe Abortion Methods procedure in IndiaAnother one of natural abortion methods India is external use of the herb pennyroyal. One teaspoon of this essential oil can be consumed every 4 to 5 hours. Alternatively, pennyroyal capsules may also be used. Both the essential oil and capsules may be purchased from an herbalist. However, give a detailed description of your medical history to the herbalist as the herb might not suit you. One of the side effects of consuming pennyroyal is nausea.

    Abortion in India is considered a big issue in the society and is preferred to be kept under wraps. Hence one of abortion natural methods may also be used to terminate an unplanned pregnancy safely. Angelica, Black cohosh and Dong Quai are some of the best herbs that can induce abortion by preparing the cervix and inducing contractions. These can be purchased from any standard herbalist who will prescribe the dosage as well.

    There are several types of abortion in India, one of them being the D&C procedure. In this, the cervix is forcibly dilated by the doctor, causing premature delivery or death of the fetus. Thereafter, the uterus is cleaned to remove remnants of placenta. The method can cause damage to the mother and a through follow up is required after this procedure. This is one of the methods of abortion at 1 month which has side effects like vomiting, nausea and cramping.

    For those wondering about how abortion is done in India must know that there are several other options as well. Menstrual aspiration is a technique wherein a doctor inserts a syringe into the uterus to dismember the pregnancy from the uterus lining. This procedure is also performed within a few weeks of a missed period. Read More...

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  • Tips for an exciting baby shower IndiaAn essential part of the baby shower ceremony is the godh bharai games during which playful teasing is a must. The games include guessing the baby’s gender for fun and making a list of the names for the future baby. Ladies indulge in a fair deal of dancing and singing of special traditional songs made for this ceremony. They may enact skits to tease the mother-to-be and her husband or present the future before them when the little baby enters their life. The festivities last for hours and are culminated by a feast for all the relatives and friends.

    Tips for an exciting baby shower India:


    • Godh bharai is a time to enjoy the support and love of all the close friends and relatives. Make sure you take help from the elders in the family as well as your loved ones to make this ceremony a joyous event for all and also save yourself from unnecessary hectic schedules.
    • Take proper rest before the ceremony to enjoy these few special hours with ease. Dress yourself like a bride in a special saree, lehenga or salwar kameez but ensure that you are comfortable. Avoid very heavy clothing or jewellery that is suffocating.
    • Since the mother is showered with so many gifts, it may be a great idea to present small tokens of appreciation to all the women participating in the ceremony. Such godh bharai gift ideas include bangles, bindis, dupattas, perfumes or cosmetics. One may arrange for artists who apply henna to palms of all the ladies attending the ceremony. Read More...

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  • Tips for First Time PregnancyHave intercourse: having sex a greater number of times, especially close to the ovulating days will obviously shoot up the chances of getting pregnant. People are confused about how to go about it, but the task is same. If one is wondering about how to get pregnant after marriage, enjoy your intimacy with your partner, and remain stress free. Having sex more frequently will increase your chances of success, however, getting pregnant may take time and the couple must not get worked up easily as it will do any good.

    Sperm motility: getting pregnant does not solely depend on the woman. The man’s health also pays a crucial role. To ensure that the sperm is healthy, one may get a sperm count test. Other factors include sperm motility and morphology. It is important to keep the male healthy and stress free as well.

    What are the precautions to be taken after intercourse to get pregnant: though there is no hard and fast rule about how to do sex after marriage in Hindu or any other religion, people have different beliefs and opinions about how to accelerate the process. The missionary position is considered better for getting pregnant, however the scientific fact is there is no good or bad position, but gravity does play a role in making the semen reach the cervix faster. Likewise, it is advised not to go to the bathroom immediately after having intercourse and lay low for 10 to 15 minutes.

    Do not be overly obsessed: people are excessively worked up about after marriage how to get pregnant, which actually lowers the chances of being successful. It is important to de-stress in whatever way the couple feels is best for them. Also, having intercourse day and night is not normal, as healthy sperm will be alive for up to 72 hours during which fertilization may occur. It is important to give the body rest.

    It is the sole decision of the couple about after marriage when to get pregnant. When they feel that they can support a family, they can begin trying to make a baby. After marriage how many months to get pregnant will depend upon a number of factors as stated above, but it is crucial that both the partners remain happy and healthy for being successful. Read More…

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  • Medical Checkup information for WomenWhat after the first prenatal visit? After this, heath checkup during pregnancy must be scheduled once every month till the 7th month and in the last two months the doctor must be paid visit twice each month. Women with high risk pregnancies visit their doctor even more frequently to track their pregnancy.

    What to expect during the Follow-up visits: regular medical checkup for pregnant women include monitoring the baby’s development and heart rate, apart from blood pressure monitoring and urine testing, weight measurement, check for swelling, and examination of abdomen to know the position of baby. Prenatal tests may also be recommended and done during the pregnant checkup to check for any possible birth defects or abnormal development of the baby.

    The prenatal tests recommended during checkup during pregnancy include ultrasound, amniocentesis, and biophysical profile, also known as BPP, multiple marker test, chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and glucose challenge screening, which are done during different stages of the pregnancy. An ultrasound test is normally performed during the first trimester to monitor the body systems and organs of the body. The glucose challenge screening is done around 27th week to test for risk of gestational diabetes to the mother. At this time, a non-stress test may also be performed as a part of medical checkup pregnancy to look out for fetal distress.

    It is important to visit your doctor regularly during pregnancy and after giving birth to the baby as well. Studies have shown that women who visit their heath care provider regularly give birth to healthier babies. Read More…

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  • God Bharai is a special celebration that takes place to endow blessings upon the Hindu pregnant woman. This is the Indian version of a baby shower, a ceremony to welcome the unborn child into the family and give the mother abundant blessings and gifts for the two of them symbolizing happiness in the future of the couple.

    The Indian baby shower ceremony is known as Godh Bharai in North india and by several other names in different parts of the country, like Seemandham in Kerela while being known as Shaad in West Bengal. The gujarati Godh Bharai ceremony is known as Srimanth where all the sisters-in-law have a important role. The name and godh bharai rituals may vary from community to community, but the basic idea is to bless the child and the family with blessings in abundance.

    When does baby shower in India take place?

    The meaning of baby shower or Godh Bharai a special ceremony held in North India to welcome the baby soon to be born in the family. This ceremony takes place when the woman completes her 7th month of pregnancy. The literal meaning of the term “God Bharai” is to fill the lap, as the woman’s lap is filled with fruits and gifts for the baby and the mother as a part of the Godh bharai rasam (ritual).

    How does the godh bharai ceremony take place?

    The couple is very excited about this ceremony and makes endless preparations. At the end of the seventh month, the baby is considered to be at a safe stage and hence this ceremony marks the beginning of celebrations owing to the joy of a new baby in the family. The Hindu baby shower ceremony takes place traditionally in the presence of only women, and involves several sacred rituals, games, music and dances.

    First of all, the mother-to-be is dresses in a special saree and anointed by herbal oils that are considered holy by female elders of the family. Thereafter, a puja is conducted before the festivities begin. The pregnant lady is made to wear jewels like bangles especially made for this occasion and her lap is filled with godh bharai gifts like jewels, fruits, sweets, clothes and cash for the mother. In a majority of homes, the gifts are meant only for the mother while the gifts for the baby are given only after the birth. Read More...

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