• Indian vegetables to avoid during pregnancy: eggplant (baigan), chillies, garlic, onion, yam, ginger and celery must be cut down to ensure you do not lose your baby. On the other hand, consumption of seasonal vegetables like turai, lauki, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach and parwal is hugely beneficial as they are high on nutrients. Use a number of vegetables in your diet rather than sticking to only one or two.

    Herbs and spices: if one is wondering what not to eat during pregnancy in Indian food, take note of certain spices that must be avoided. Fennel seeds (saunf) and fenugreek contain compounds that act like estrogen and induce contractions of the uterus. Ajinomoto is also excluded from food chart during pregnancy as it can cause damage to the baby’s developing brain.

    Raw eggs and unpasteurized milk: raw eggs may be contaminated by the salmonella virus, which can infect the woman and can cause damage to the baby. Same is the case with unpasteurized milk that can contain listeria. Listeria can cross the placenta and can infect the baby. Hence these are foods to avoid during pregnancy in India.

    Seafood: oily fishes are beneficial for the mother. However, not all types of fish can be eaten during pregnancy. High mercury content fishes like mackerel and swordfish figure in the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy in India as they can cause serious brain damage to the developing fetus, causing retardation or mental disorders.  Oysters, smoked salmon and sashimi must be also be skipped.

    Adapt to a healthy lifestyle: What not to eat in pregnancy in India will also include high caffeine content drinks like colas, coffee and tea. It goes without saying that alcohol, drugs and tobacco must be avoided before, during and after pregnancy. Read More...

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  • How to keep yourself Happy During PregnancyAfter the initial excitement, the nine months of pregnancy can turn out to be a long wait for the baby, coupled with pregnancy woes like constipation, nausea, backaches and inability to do normal physical activities. This can make a woman dull and the pregnancy hormones also do their bit to make a woman teary eyed. In such situations, one should indulge in some cheerful activities during pregnancy to keep you in an upbeat mood. The subsequent text will cover fun activities for pregnancy:

    Books to be read during pregnancy: readings books and articles are the greatest way to keep you entertained and informed. Best Indian books to read during pregnancy include Ramayana and Holy Bhagwad Gita who are believed to reach the baby and have a strong positive influence and initiate character building. Articles to read during pregnancy include baby care, diet during pregnancy and exercise during pregnancy which is published in newspapers and women’s magazines from time to time. Good books to be read during pregnancy for Indians are religious and informative books, which must be read aloud as a part of Garbha Sanskar, or educating the fetus.

    If one is wondering which book to read during pregnancy, you may get a whole load of suggestions from your friends or colleagues or even off the internet. Books like A Child is Born, The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy are some of the most popular books on the list of what to read during pregnancy. People wondering what books to read during pregnancy can also opt for Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. Read More...

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  • Books to be read during pregnancy Indian can include story books in Hindi or in English. One can choose from classic tales or any of the modern story books. Stories like Winnie the Pooh and books from Enid Blyton will keep the mother entertained and are good for the baby too, hence these are books to be read during pregnancy. If you do not have a penchant for novels or story books, you can take up reading magazines which have good articles to read during pregnancy.

    Shopping spree: shopping is guaranteed to cheer any woman up. So buy some new clothes for the baby, or for yourself which you would like to wear after the delivery. Even visiting the mall for doing some window shopping is sometimes a good idea.

    Music: another important part of the garbha sanskar is listening to soothing music. The melodies will not only take away the stress from the mother’s mind but is also effective in soothing the baby. One can listen to classical music or one’s favorite singer, but it should not be deafening.

    Create a scrapbook: do frequent photo sessions of yourself as the pregnancy advances. Also collect little accessories, articles and items for your baby and put them together to create a timeline of your pregnancy. As years pass by, you will treasure the memories created by the scrapbook and will be able to share it with your child too.

    Have a romantic getaway: the woman and her spouse may have become bored by their clockwork schedules or tired by the restrictions imposed on the pregnant lady. Every once a while, it is important the couple has some alone time like a romantic candle lit dinner, a movie or simply a stroll in the park to reconnect with each other and whisper sweet nothings.

    Meditate: the best way to wean away your stress and anxiety is to meditate regularly. Taking deep breaths in fresh air and practicing yoga postures in presence of a trainer will ease your body and mind and prepare the body for labor by toning muscles.

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  • The parents of a newborn are really excited to know about the personality traits of their baby. It is exhilarating to know what their baby will be like when he/she grows up. It is believed that astrology provides accurate predictions of the baby’s personality based on the zodiac sign. New born baby astrology is popular for determining the sun sign of the newborn and providing newborn baby horoscope. Horoscope for newborn baby gives general predictions about the day, week or month to come while astrological predictions are also useful in knowing about the persona, behavior and inclinations of a newborn according to the sun sign.

    Newborn baby astrology:

    In the following section, we give a brief overview of newborn baby horoscope for all 12 zodiac signs. Horoscope for newborn child is an exciting way to know about our babies in a whole new dimension.

    Aries baby (21st March-19th April): those born under the Aries sign are born leaders and confident in what they do. Your baby will have an active mind and body and will learn to do things like talking, reading and waking much earlier. Such babies are also affectionate, generous but moody. An Aries baby girl personality will be caring, loving but dynamic and active too. They have a creative vision and like to do things their own way, hence taking care of an Aries baby is sometimes tough.

    Taurus baby (20th April-20th May): babies under this sign are quiet, peaceful and harmonious with their surroundings. They tend to double the affection received but are generally shy and may hide their feelings. Parents must encourage the child to indulge in art, literature and music which will help the child in expressing herself. Like the bull, a Taurus baby can be stubborn sometimes and constantly work to achieve their goal in life.

    Gemini baby (21st may-20th June): Gemini babies grow to become the liveliest teenagers who are indulged in every activity and enjoy their life completely. They are talkative and fun-loving. A Gemini baby will dislike being restricted to a space, as they need plenty of room to explore their surroundings. They are imaginative, have a lot of friends and are inquisitive. A Gemini baby girl sports future is also bright, as Gemini’s are naturals when it comes to sports. Read More...

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  • Cancer baby (21st June- 22nd July): the Cancer babies need to feel loved and protected often.  Hug the baby and soothe him to keep the mood upbeat. Most often, July baby personality is characterized by being independent, fascination by new objects, colors and places. However, they are irritable and moody sometimes and need love to reassure that everything is okay. Cancer babies are known for crying very frequently.

    Leo baby (23rd July-22nd Aug): A Leo baby is adventurous, friendly and playful. They like to be the centre of attraction and love partying and indulging in physical activities. They have a warm nature and trust others easily; therefore they need support when they are wronged.

    Virgo baby (23rd Aug- 22nd Sept): Virgo baby girl personality will come out to be of an ideal child, who is obedient, tidy and organized. Such children are often shy but open up gradually. They are likely to be active and help around the house. They are early readers, talkers and excellent mimics.

    Libra baby (23rd Sept-22nd Oct): Libra babies are born beautiful. They are kind hearted children who like to play fair. A Libra child is expected to be thoughtful, disciplined, with keen interest in books and argues about his point of view amicably.

    Scorpio baby (23rd Oct-21ST Nov): Scorpio babies have a reputation for being intelligent, with insatiable thirst of knowing everything, and are go-getters. As children, they are likely to keep their thoughts secret so parents must communicate with such children more frequently.

    Sagittarius baby( 22nd Nov-22nd Dec): newborn horoscope for babies born under this sign states that they are happy and fun-loving kids who like to make friends but will be equally content paying alone. As a kid, they are going to pick up a lot more bruises and cuts than other children, being constantly agile and playing rough games. They are inquisitive and independent.

    Capricorn baby (23rd Dec- 19th Jan): horoscope for baby boys born in January are mostly Capricorn which are self-contained babies. They like the company of those who are elder than them and have only a few close friends. These grow up to be strong willed and driven individuals with a passion for creating new things. These are usually not outdoorsy.

    Aquarius baby (20th Jan-18th Feb): Aquarius babies are unpredictable, being sensitive at one instant and rebellious the other. They have a lot of ideas and have sharp minds. They look more confident than they actually are, so these children require care and support of parents.

    Pisces baby (19th Feb-20th March): these are the most imaginative and creative of all- the ones who believe in fairies, unicorns and Santa Claus. They will win everyone around them with their sweet smile and are sometimes over-attached to animals and peoples, rather than their toys. Read More...

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