• Finding the correct name for your baby can prove to be quite a tricky proposition indeed! In India people wait for the baby to be born, and then scramble to search for a name for their child! This is unlike western countries, where parents do some planning and spend some quality time zeroing in on the right name months before their baby is born!

    Anyways, here are some tips that will help you find just the right name for your little one!

    1.) SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOUR SPOUSE: It is always advisable to spend some time in searching for good Indian names with your spouse, rather than doing it alone. If your partner is not too tuned into researching for names on the internet, you could plan to get some print-outs of all the names shortlisted by you so that both of you can search through them.

    2.) SHORTLIST: Do not pick just one name. It is always better to assemble a list of options, so that you can pick and choose the best one from them. And never settle for a name that you liked just because your neighbor’s daughter sports it or because your boss’s son is called so!

    3.) TRY TO KEEP THE SILLY ONES OUT: It is better to refrain from giving your child a nick name that is short but equally silly! Jojo, for instance, or even Bittoo! Short names tend to stick, and nick names can remain with your child for life. So while nick names sound cute, especially when your baby is small, try to avoid giving your baby a nick name. Instead, try to dedicate some time in this effort and you could come up with some really nice names for your baby!


    It is quite common for most communities across the Indian sub-continent to choose names for their baby based on the rashi system. In Indian astrology, the zodiac is sub-divided into 12 equal parts, and this division is called a Rashi.

    There are 12 houses or Rashis:

    KARKA:  for babies born in the English Zodiac sign of Cancer

    The alphabets D and H are associated with this Rashi; boys and girls born between the period of June 21 and July 22 are given names starting from D and H.

    Some popular names for baby boys who are born in the Karka Rashi are:

    Baby boy names starting with the alphabet D :

    Daanish, Daivick, Daksh, Dakshak, Daivam, Darshil, Darpak, Darpan, Dev, Deb, Debanshu, Deep, Deepak, Deepansh, Deeptoman, Devang, Devarya, Devya,

    Baby boy names starting with the alphabet H:

    Haarish, Haneesh, Hanush, Hardik, Harditya, Harbir, Haren, Hareeth, Hardit, Harman, Haroun, Harsh, Harsheel, Harshit,

    Baby girl names starting with the alphabet D :

    Daina, Darshana, Dapanshi, Darshini, Damyaa, Deekshana, Deepa, Deepal, Deepika, Deeya,Deveshi, Devashree, Dibyanshi, Diti, Dishita, Disha, Divi

    Baby girl names starting with the alphabet H:

    Hanshika, Hana, Harini, Harleen, Hanvita, Haripriya, Harshali, Harshaa, Harvii, Harneet, Harnoor, Hashrita, Haya, Hassini, Heer, Hia, Himaa, Henna,

    For More Information : Indian Baby Names

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  • When a mother gives birth to her baby her life transforms into one sublimely beautiful experience for both herself and her spouse! Giving birth to a little one is one of life’s most uplifting moments; the next step of the journey begins when both the excited parents have to choose a name for their baby! This is indeed the first stage of the whole exciting world of parenting, when a good baby name has to be chosen. It cannot be taken lightly though, as the little one will have a name all of its own, and this name will remain with the infant for the rest of his or her life!

    Finding A Suitable Baby Name

    The search for a baby name is in itself a very satisfying process, and if it is planned well it can be a creative experience for both the parents. Nowadays parents like to spend some valuable time in doing some research – there are thousands of names available – especially Indian names. Indian baby names are usually derived from the ancient language that has been around in our country for centuries – Sanskrit – and if parents spend some time in digging through the treasure of names available they can come up with some really nice names.

    Many times the new parents find themselves flooded with suggestions, advice and tips on finding the right name for their baby. The wise thing here would be to refrain from getting influenced but both parents should try and steer clear of all the clutter and remain focused on finding a name by themselves! Finding an apt baby name is a beautiful part of the entire journey of parenting and this should not be spoilt by family relatives or friends jumping on to the bandwagon and insisting that their advice be taken seriously!

    Popular Baby Names

    Although there are many baby names that are tremendously popular, parents should take into account some basic factors while drilling down to a baby name:
    • They could take their own names into consideration while selecting a name- for instance, if the mother’s name is Veena and the father’s name is Jayant, a nice name for a baby girl could be “Ravija”, or if it is a boy it could be “Veeyant”!
    • Parents could also keep the first alphabets of their names in mind – for instance, if both their names begin with the letter “S”, a suitable name for the child could also begin with the letter S.
    • The sibling’s name could also be taken into account heres - if, for example, the elder sister’s name is Ananyaa, then the younger baby’s name could be Anushka, if it is a girl. Both names sound rather nice together!

    Top Indian Baby Names

    There are some top Popular Indian Baby Names doing the rounds right now:

    Top Indian Girl Names :

    Navya, Twisha, Trisha, Saayli, Aradhya, Ishika, Behaag, Priyanka

    Top Indian Boy Names :

    Abhishek, Aarav, Arvaan, Dhruv, Geet, Om, Arnav, Aarya

    For More Information : Indian Baby Names

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  • Advice about your 6 month baby Diet Chart1.) The diet plan for 6 month old baby must include both solid and liquid foods.

    2.) Parents must ensure that they never feed the child forcefully as overeating often leads to tummy pain and gas problems in infants, indicated by hours of wailing.

    3.) Start giving the child egg yolk twice or more each week. At this point, the diet chart for 6 month Indian baby does not include boiled egg as the child may be allergic to it.

    4.) Breast milk is still the most important source of nutrition for your infant. Diet chart for 6 months old baby suggests that one does not immediately switch to whole milk but continue on breast milk and make this transition gradually.

    5.) Another source of balanced nutrition is baby cereal, which must be served to the child or breakfast as well as dinner. Doctors recommend that the diet chart for kids of six months must include mashed fruits like mashed banana, boiled and mashed apples as well. Encourage the child to have citrus fruit juices after confirming that the child is not allergic to any of them. Fruit juices are an important source of liquid nutrition for the infants.

    6.) Green vegetables can also be boiled and mashed to feed your 6 month old. Mashed green peas, beans and khichri are good options according to sample 6 months baby diet chart.

    7.) Boiled rice and dal water are nutritious and are easily digested, hence are ideal for infants. 6 month baby diet chart includes these options as well.

    8.) Diet chart for 6 months old baby India must make sure that the parents  learn to not to give their baby big chunks of solid food as the baby might choke on them. The food must be broken into small bits and hard and crunchy foods are a strict no-no for an infant this age. Read More...

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  • Diet chart for 6 month old babyA 6 month old baby should be provided with a diet that is rich in a variety of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, derived mainly from liquids but a little from solids too. A diet plan for 6 months old baby ensures he gets a balanced diet to support proper development. At this age, the baby is prone to infections as well as diseases like anemia and malnutrition; hence diet chart for 6 month old baby India is the best way out to provide all essential nutrients to keep the immunity system strong.

    However, one must know that each baby is different in when he/she starts to accept solid foods and hence diet chart for 6 month old Indian baby will vary. Your six month old must begin to accept a fixed schedule for having food, as dictated by the baby diet chart at 6 months. However, the schedule must not be very strict. The prime components of diet plan for a six month old baby have been discussed in the forthcoming section.

    Always remember to introduce new foods in the baby’s diet slowly, rather than all at once. Some babies eat a few spoons of solid foods while some will accept a greater quantity. It will entirely depend on the baby, not on the diet chart for 6 months baby.

    According to the 6 month baby diet chart India, the babies this age must have 3 to 4 ounces of food every day. Parents must learn to understand the baby cues to know if she is full or can have more feed, like when she opens her mouth or leans in when the spoon is brought close to her mouth. If the child turns her head away or keeps her mouth shut, do not force her to have more bites. Read More...

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  • Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

    A pregnant woman must have a balanced diet that is nourishing for her as well as her developing baby. During pregnancy, the baby derives all the necessary nutrition from the mother itself, while the mother undergoes a plethora of physical, hormonal and mental changes. To cope up with this stress, special care must be given to the woman’s diet to keep up with the course of pregnancy. However, while maintaining a balanced diet, one must also remember the foods to avoid during pregnancy in India. There are a number of edible items which are hazardous during pregnancy but are considered perfectly safe when consumed otherwise. One’s elders and the caregiver may draw attention to a chart of what not to eat during pregnancy in India. Here, we are going to discuss what not to eat during pregnancy and the reason why:

    Papaya: one of the fruits to avoid during pregnancy in India is papaya, as it is known to cause miscarriages. The truth is that raw papaya is harmful for a pregnant woman as it contains latex that is known to induce contractions. Therefore, while one may consume fully ripened papaya fruit, unripe papaya can be detrimental to the pregnancy. Banana, ripe mango and black grapes are very nutritious and must be included in a pregnant woman’s diet.

    Sesame seeds, jaggery and nuts: it is believed that sesame seeds can lead to uterus contractions, losing the fetus. Ground sesame seeds along with jaggery were used to induce abortion naturally in parts of India. Therefore, sesame seeds figure in the list of Indian foods not to eat during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Nuts like walnut, dates, raisins and pistachios are safe when consumed in moderation.

    Indian foods to avoid during pregnancy: constipation and gas problems are common woes during pregnancy. To reduce such symptoms, do not eat high calorie fattening foods like paratha, thepla, kachauri, handwa, khaman and kadhi which can cause acidity. Eating sweet corn during pregnancy is advantageous as it is light on tummy and nutritious. Read More...

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