• Indian Baby Names : Finding Just the Right one for Your Baby

    Finding the correct name for your baby can prove to be quite a tricky proposition indeed! In India people wait for the baby to be born, and then scramble to search for a name for their child! This is unlike western countries, where parents do some planning and spend some quality time zeroing in on the right name months before their baby is born!

    Anyways, here are some tips that will help you find just the right name for your little one!

    1.) SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOUR SPOUSE: It is always advisable to spend some time in searching for good Indian names with your spouse, rather than doing it alone. If your partner is not too tuned into researching for names on the internet, you could plan to get some print-outs of all the names shortlisted by you so that both of you can search through them.

    2.) SHORTLIST: Do not pick just one name. It is always better to assemble a list of options, so that you can pick and choose the best one from them. And never settle for a name that you liked just because your neighbor’s daughter sports it or because your boss’s son is called so!

    3.) TRY TO KEEP THE SILLY ONES OUT: It is better to refrain from giving your child a nick name that is short but equally silly! Jojo, for instance, or even Bittoo! Short names tend to stick, and nick names can remain with your child for life. So while nick names sound cute, especially when your baby is small, try to avoid giving your baby a nick name. Instead, try to dedicate some time in this effort and you could come up with some really nice names for your baby!


    It is quite common for most communities across the Indian sub-continent to choose names for their baby based on the rashi system. In Indian astrology, the zodiac is sub-divided into 12 equal parts, and this division is called a Rashi.

    There are 12 houses or Rashis:

    KARKA:  for babies born in the English Zodiac sign of Cancer

    The alphabets D and H are associated with this Rashi; boys and girls born between the period of June 21 and July 22 are given names starting from D and H.

    Some popular names for baby boys who are born in the Karka Rashi are:

    Baby boy names starting with the alphabet D :

    Daanish, Daivick, Daksh, Dakshak, Daivam, Darshil, Darpak, Darpan, Dev, Deb, Debanshu, Deep, Deepak, Deepansh, Deeptoman, Devang, Devarya, Devya,

    Baby boy names starting with the alphabet H:

    Haarish, Haneesh, Hanush, Hardik, Harditya, Harbir, Haren, Hareeth, Hardit, Harman, Haroun, Harsh, Harsheel, Harshit,

    Baby girl names starting with the alphabet D :

    Daina, Darshana, Dapanshi, Darshini, Damyaa, Deekshana, Deepa, Deepal, Deepika, Deeya,Deveshi, Devashree, Dibyanshi, Diti, Dishita, Disha, Divi

    Baby girl names starting with the alphabet H:

    Hanshika, Hana, Harini, Harleen, Hanvita, Haripriya, Harshali, Harshaa, Harvii, Harneet, Harnoor, Hashrita, Haya, Hassini, Heer, Hia, Himaa, Henna,

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