• Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

    Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

    A pregnant woman must have a balanced diet that is nourishing for her as well as her developing baby. During pregnancy, the baby derives all the necessary nutrition from the mother itself, while the mother undergoes a plethora of physical, hormonal and mental changes. To cope up with this stress, special care must be given to the woman’s diet to keep up with the course of pregnancy. However, while maintaining a balanced diet, one must also remember the foods to avoid during pregnancy in India. There are a number of edible items which are hazardous during pregnancy but are considered perfectly safe when consumed otherwise. One’s elders and the caregiver may draw attention to a chart of what not to eat during pregnancy in India. Here, we are going to discuss what not to eat during pregnancy and the reason why:

    Papaya: one of the fruits to avoid during pregnancy in India is papaya, as it is known to cause miscarriages. The truth is that raw papaya is harmful for a pregnant woman as it contains latex that is known to induce contractions. Therefore, while one may consume fully ripened papaya fruit, unripe papaya can be detrimental to the pregnancy. Banana, ripe mango and black grapes are very nutritious and must be included in a pregnant woman’s diet.

    Sesame seeds, jaggery and nuts: it is believed that sesame seeds can lead to uterus contractions, losing the fetus. Ground sesame seeds along with jaggery were used to induce abortion naturally in parts of India. Therefore, sesame seeds figure in the list of Indian foods not to eat during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Nuts like walnut, dates, raisins and pistachios are safe when consumed in moderation.

    Indian foods to avoid during pregnancy: constipation and gas problems are common woes during pregnancy. To reduce such symptoms, do not eat high calorie fattening foods like paratha, thepla, kachauri, handwa, khaman and kadhi which can cause acidity. Eating sweet corn during pregnancy is advantageous as it is light on tummy and nutritious. Read More...

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