• Finding the Right Names for Your Baby

    When a mother gives birth to her baby her life transforms into one sublimely beautiful experience for both herself and her spouse! Giving birth to a little one is one of life’s most uplifting moments; the next step of the journey begins when both the excited parents have to choose a name for their baby! This is indeed the first stage of the whole exciting world of parenting, when a good baby name has to be chosen. It cannot be taken lightly though, as the little one will have a name all of its own, and this name will remain with the infant for the rest of his or her life!

    Finding A Suitable Baby Name

    The search for a baby name is in itself a very satisfying process, and if it is planned well it can be a creative experience for both the parents. Nowadays parents like to spend some valuable time in doing some research – there are thousands of names available – especially Indian names. Indian baby names are usually derived from the ancient language that has been around in our country for centuries – Sanskrit – and if parents spend some time in digging through the treasure of names available they can come up with some really nice names.

    Many times the new parents find themselves flooded with suggestions, advice and tips on finding the right name for their baby. The wise thing here would be to refrain from getting influenced but both parents should try and steer clear of all the clutter and remain focused on finding a name by themselves! Finding an apt baby name is a beautiful part of the entire journey of parenting and this should not be spoilt by family relatives or friends jumping on to the bandwagon and insisting that their advice be taken seriously!

    Popular Baby Names

    Although there are many baby names that are tremendously popular, parents should take into account some basic factors while drilling down to a baby name:
    • They could take their own names into consideration while selecting a name- for instance, if the mother’s name is Veena and the father’s name is Jayant, a nice name for a baby girl could be “Ravija”, or if it is a boy it could be “Veeyant”!
    • Parents could also keep the first alphabets of their names in mind – for instance, if both their names begin with the letter “S”, a suitable name for the child could also begin with the letter S.
    • The sibling’s name could also be taken into account heres - if, for example, the elder sister’s name is Ananyaa, then the younger baby’s name could be Anushka, if it is a girl. Both names sound rather nice together!

    Top Indian Baby Names

    There are some top Popular Indian Baby Names doing the rounds right now:

    Top Indian Girl Names :

    Navya, Twisha, Trisha, Saayli, Aradhya, Ishika, Behaag, Priyanka

    Top Indian Boy Names :

    Abhishek, Aarav, Arvaan, Dhruv, Geet, Om, Arnav, Aarya

    For More Information : Indian Baby Names

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