• Exercising towards a flat stomach after pregnancy

    It is a pertinent question that troubles each mother after giving birth to her little bundle of joy. Post delivery period is joyous but equally hectic for the mother feeding her baby every other hour and constantly thinking about exercise to reduce tummy after delivery. Tummy reduction after delivery is essential for all mothers, especially working moms who want to get back in shape as fast as possible. However, the body has undergone a lot of stress during labor and hence one must give it an appropriate period of rest before beginning with exercises after normal delivery.

    When is the right time to start exercise after delivery to reduce tummy?

    If one has continued with light exercises like walking or Kegel exercises all through pregnancy period it is safe to continue the same even after delivery. However, it is recommended to wait for at least six weeks prior to start real exercises to reduce tummy after delivery. After the six week postpartum checkup, one can move up from exercises like walking to light aerobics and swimming to reduce belly after delivery. As one feels that their body is gaining strength, the duration of exercises can be increased gradually.

    If one has not exercised during pregnancy period, it is best to consult your doctor to take advice about how to reduce tummy after delivery. After delivery, the ligaments and muscles or the body are loose and there is leftover fluid in your uterus, which implies that it will take around 3 months to your body to regain its original shape. In case of a C-section, the doctor may advise you to wait for up to 9 weeks before beginning with any kind of exercise schedule. How to reduce stomach after delivery: the best exercises

    A postpartum exercise specialist will show you the best way as to how to reduce belly after delivery. Following the expert, one may head to the gym, recreation centers or Yoga centers that have special classes for new moms.

    1. Kegels: these are the best beginner exercises for new moms. One has to sit on a bench and contract the hip muscles, as if trying to control urination before releasing and standing again. The exercise has to be repeated 10 to 20 times in each set.

    2. Sit ups and leg lifts: these are the most common exercises to tone your muscles. Coupled with other exercises like jogging, swimming and cycling, an exercise schedule for up to each hour a day will aid in making the new mom fit in a matter of weeks. Read More…

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