• Diet chart for 6 month old baby

    Diet chart for 6 month old babyA 6 month old baby should be provided with a diet that is rich in a variety of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, derived mainly from liquids but a little from solids too. A diet plan for 6 months old baby ensures he gets a balanced diet to support proper development. At this age, the baby is prone to infections as well as diseases like anemia and malnutrition; hence diet chart for 6 month old baby India is the best way out to provide all essential nutrients to keep the immunity system strong.

    However, one must know that each baby is different in when he/she starts to accept solid foods and hence diet chart for 6 month old Indian baby will vary. Your six month old must begin to accept a fixed schedule for having food, as dictated by the baby diet chart at 6 months. However, the schedule must not be very strict. The prime components of diet plan for a six month old baby have been discussed in the forthcoming section.

    Always remember to introduce new foods in the baby’s diet slowly, rather than all at once. Some babies eat a few spoons of solid foods while some will accept a greater quantity. It will entirely depend on the baby, not on the diet chart for 6 months baby.

    According to the 6 month baby diet chart India, the babies this age must have 3 to 4 ounces of food every day. Parents must learn to understand the baby cues to know if she is full or can have more feed, like when she opens her mouth or leans in when the spoon is brought close to her mouth. If the child turns her head away or keeps her mouth shut, do not force her to have more bites. Read More...

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